Best Acoustic Guitars- A Complete Guide

A true musician never compromises over anything. Be it a rock band or orchestra, musicians tend to be perfectionists. They seek perfect rhythm, exemplary sound quality, ideal tuning, durability, and everything else in one instrument to set a benchmark.

The same goes for a guitarist. Whether you’re new to the instrument or a pro, we understand your need to choose the best guitar that compliments your style and is in reach for all budgets.

With an increasing range of options on Amazon com, it becomes quite perplexing to find the best. To get you sorted, we have created a list of the best guitars you can buy this year. 

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Score 98/100



This dreadnought acoustic guitar is the ultimate expression of soulful music. Martin D-28 has topped the list due to the many features and production qualities it holds. D-28 has an amazing neck design, granting a comfortable and easy dreadnought experience. Adding to this are the wider nut and vintage-style alterations that make it even more attractive for the player.

The balanced sound, design, ease, comfort, and sustainable notes make it an all-rounder, which truly fits the definition of a perfect acoustic guitar. This best acoustic guitar has the perfect mid and treble that musicians love to play. The D-28 embodies the dreadnoughts in both look and sound.

This guitar has maintained its hold in the industry for over eight decades. The warm tones that it plays and the quality it marks makes this acoustic guitar suitable for any musical genre.

Players of any style and any level should try it once for their own satisfaction. Of course, all this comes at a notable price tag. But consider Martin D-28 an investment that would serve you a lifetime of melodious music.


Score 96/100



Art & Lutherie is basically a sub-brand of the world-renowned Godin Guitars known for its electric guitar line. The design of the Roadhouse reminds you of the old rural deep south where all you needed were clothes and this sort of instrument to keep you going.

Roadhouse is an absolute joy with ranges that are quite strong, both middle and upper ones. There’s clarity in the music, combined with a subtle warm tone. It has that earthy look and design which you would not regret paying for. It has a semi-gloss patina finish, making it even more attractive to play.

20 frets in the guitar represent semitones, which adds to the music you play. It has a rosewood fingerboard that makes your playing experience cherishable. It can also be considered as a parlor guitar. All in all, it’s a winner from Art & Lutherie.


Score 95/100



This guitar is a product by Takamine, which is a well-known name in the guitar world. The acoustic guitar has a natural color body made of rosewood. For the back, they’ve used Alder, and for the neck, they’ve used alloy. The fretboard is made of maple, which always makes for good acoustic guitars.

The guitar has a solid spruce top that adds to its beauty and durability. The rosewood back gives that fine finish that would charm the player with its look, keeping the sound quality intact, especially when you play melodies.

Having a mahogany neck is the second most common thing that a guitar incorporates; the same is true of the Takamine EF360S-TT. This best acoustic guitar has a gloss finish and comes along with a gig bag to transport the string instrument safely.


Score 93/100



This particular acoustic guitar is a product by Washburn with a natural glossy color that looks elegant and classy. This acoustic guitar is right-hand oriented and has a mahogany body and sides.

It features six bronze guitar strings to give you better playability. Harvest Series D7S has a dreadnought body with a solid spruce top. This particular body style and design adds to the innovation in string instruments and compliments your playing style.


Score 91/100



Players are passionate enough to carry their instruments anywhere they go. For this purpose, they require a travel guitar.

This is the best budget guitar available, having all the features and qualities a player would look for. Even though it’s small in size, the sound, tone, pitch, and resonance are top-notch.

The versatility of this instrument is commendable. Also, the durability and convenience are catered well. This acoustic-electric guitar incorporates a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany sides, and a fine satin finish. Together, they make an exemplary guitar for experts.

Another fine quality of a satin finish is that it enhances the sound and offers easy playability, whether you play a note or chord. It creates a better reverberating sound as compared to wood. In addition to this, the parts used in making the acoustic guitar are sustainability certified and will last longer than you expect. A tenon neck joint and nickel tuners just add to the features.

The LX1E Little Martin Travel GuitarLX1E Little Martin Travel Guitar is preferred by most players and singers who play guitar due to its compact size. To ensure safe and better transport, this comes with a gig bag. You are guaranteed good value for the money.


Score 89/100



Epiphone DR-100 has a sturdy body, and the materials used help increase the resonance and quality of the music. It is known for the optimal sound quality any acoustic guitar could have. The design, look and finish that it possesses is something that both beginners and professionals prefer.

The dreadnought shape is suitable for all music genres: folk, classic, rock, pop, or bluegrass. And the balance will let you increase or decrease the volume at your convenience.

Epiphone is one of the most well-known and reputable makers of acoustic guitars. Therefore the quality is never compromised. This model has a rosewood bridge which is a long-lasting and durable component that supports the spruce top. The classic black pickguard not only prevents it from scratches but also adds to the beauty and outlook.

The slim neck with 14 frets is accompanied by a rosewood fingerboard, making it easy to play. There are dot markers all over the fingerboard that makes playing convenient and effortless.

This acoustic guitar grants the perfect tone which guitar buyers might look for, so definitely, it’s worth your money and investment.


Score 87/100



Yamaha is another reputed brand when it comes to acoustic guitars. This acoustic guitar is amazing in the sense that when you put your headphones on, you’ll experience studio-quality playing and resonating effects. As the name suggests, the Yamaha SLG200S Silent Acoustic Guitarhardly has any acoustic sound.

Yamaha Silent Acoustic guitar has a frame made of laminated maple, while the center is solid mahogany.

You’ll definitely leave your audience awestruck with an amazing live performance and soothingly warm tone. It has a 25-inch scale and 22 frets. The finish is glossy enough to charm everyone.

These features and other mentioned qualities make discrete practice a pleasure for the user. Also, the steel-string that it incorporates and the natural finish is surely worth a try!


Score 85/100



Taylor is another big name when it comes to acoustic guitars. And no list is complete without this made-in-America guitar brand.

It has lots of different models that are up to the mark. Taylor maintains quality and features to grab the buyer’s attention. This particular model has a grand auditorium body with a solid Sitka spruce top.

This best acoustic guitar has a V-class bracing that allows great support to the soundboard. This workhorse performs competently both at jamming sessions or on the stage. The bracing system that it has supports a harmonic agreement. Moreover, some intonation issues have been sorted on the Taylor 314ce as well.

The model is the latest redefined improved version that grants a perfect kick to your music. This acoustic guitar has a Sapele back and sides. Adding to this is its ability to provide midrange fullness and low-end warmth that you can use to complement your own style.

Black binding, gemstone fretboard, satin finish, Gemstone inlays, and a glass top together make it worth buying.


Score 84/100



 This one-of-a-kind guitar is paired up with a charging case to charge batteries up to 18 times. Hence you can get battery energy for 72 hours straight.

The built-in audio chip grants a high-class sound experience. For an uninterrupted experience, the guitar is accompanied by 5.0 Bluetooth. This is a great acoustic guitar that implements an automatic pairing and powerful acceleration.

You really don’t have to operate through buttons while using wireless headphones as they get activated automatically.

 You can rest your faith in its top construction, beginner-friendly accessibility, and pocket-friendly budget. Hence, it is a great product to start your musical journey. The Yamaha FG800 has a spruce top supported by an X-bracing. This feature gives more room to the top for vibration. It does not compromise the structural integrity or quality at any step.

It also features 20 frets and a scale length of around 25 9/16 inches. The nut breadth is 43mm. Overall it is an affordable acoustic guitar with characteristics worthy of your attention!


Score 82/100



If you’re a beginner and are trying to step up your game, this is what you should go for. It is easy to learn with the help of the 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package. This guitar has nylon strings which are convenient to hold down. Also, there is less chance of damage on the guitar bridge.

This acoustic guitar will let you jam for longer as it has less distance between the strings and the fretboard. This way, you can have a better, longer jamming session with less finger fatigue. Isn’t that a great option for beginner guitarists?

This is a perfect fit for teenagers and adults, so you can easily go from a newcomer to an expert-level guitarist. Coming to its shape and design, they’ve upgraded this handcrafted acoustic guitar with an elegant finish and classic structure. And it comes in a complete kit. You don’t need to invest in additional accessories.

You will have easy access to a gig bag, guitar strap, pick-holder, e-tuner, a capo, extra nylon strings, and a cloth to clean as all of these are included in the kit. It has an adjustable guitar bridge system as well for your preference.

All these characteristics make it one of the best acoustic guitars on the market. This acoustic guitar is right-hand-oriented with a classy black finish to it, making it eye-catchy and charming.

Moreover, it has a carrying case which makes it easier for the players to transport it anywhere. The nylon case would keep it secure while traveling. It has an affordable price, so it wouldn’t cost a fortune to entertain your love for music.

The adjustable tuning pegs is another plus point. And its smooth edges and curves make it more viable to use. Although it can play any genre of music, this is best for rock and folk musicians.


When it comes to guitars, the options and preferences are innumerous. Every brand has a distinct style, class that they cater to. And the features that define their production. A guitar enthusiast should know what brand he should go for.

Gibson is a big name in the guitar-making industry. Celebrities have endorsed their guitars, from Elvis Presley to Sheryl Crow.

They are known for their epic structural designs and touch of craftsmanship. The durability and the features that the model adheres is another point to ponder. They construct one of the best acoustic guitars, such as Gibson Montana Hummingbird, Gibson Maestro, Gibson Dove, Gibson L-00, Gibson J-45, etc.

It is common advice that electric guitars are the easiest to play and start with. This is because they have thinner strings which are ultimately easier to press down and handle. Also, the narrow necks would not cause any hand fatigue.

Some eminent names to pick are Fender, Yamaha, Epiphone, and Taylor. The models from these brands have great appeal, good variety, controls, and this will impact your learning and skills.

The models have strings placed above the fingerboard at an appropriate height, making it easier and comfortable to play. This is quite a good attribute for beginners’ guitar.

This is quite subjective as the value you desire for your paying money may vary from person to person. However, we can still highlight a few points that might make a difference in guitar design, quality, style, genre, characteristics, feasibility, and easy access.

Some top picks that grant you the best value for the price paid are Fender Vintera ’60s Telecaster Modified, PRS SE Custom 24, Fender American Performer Stratocaster HSS, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender American Ultra Telecaster, Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre, etc.

When it comes to guitars, certain attributes make them top-notch musical instruments. A guitar should avoid fret buzzing and should incorporate good intonation. Finer tonewood should be used in its making. Spruce is the most common wood construction used in the making of middle-end acoustic guitars.

Manufacturers use some other expensive woods as well in guitar makings such as rosewood and maple. Some topmost best-sounding acoustic guitars are as follows; Fender CD-60S All-Mahogany, Martin Dreadnought Junior, Guild Traditional D-55 Acoustic Guitar, etc.


Getting your hands on an acoustic guitar is exciting. You’re investing in something that would define your style, music taste, and playing experience. We’ve tried to sum up the best acoustic guitars based on their features. We hope that this article serves the purpose well and helps you find a perfect guitar.