Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are a type of guitar that is amplified. It creates a “clean” sound and not the distortion that may be desired from some musicians. 

Electric Sound:

When played with no effects, the electric guitar will typically have a “bass-heavy” sound. This sound usually means your base notes will be the strongest, with heavier low notes than higher ones. This bass-heavy sound is the result of the resonant frequency of the strings. The string’s natural resonance is lower in pitch than notes played that are higher up on the fretboard; this is why when one listens to a solo, there are few times that they will hear a clear high note being played instead of multiple notes in a chord or riff.

Acoustic Sound

An acoustic guitar sound is different from an electric guitar because it does not have electronic components or amplification. The most significant difference is in the strings, which are thinner and rarely have a pickup attached to amplify the sound. An acoustic guitar has a warm tone.

Making an Electric Guitar Sound Like an Acoustic: To play an acoustic-style guitar, one must focus on the main factor that defines the tone of a guitar, the strings. The strings have a natural resonance, and this is what gives the guitar its tone. This resonating string can be controlled by tightening or loosening it by hand. 

Required Equipment:

It would be best to have the amp, guitar, and effects pedals to make an electric guitar sound like an acoustic. The most significant difference is what effects you will be using. The acoustic-style tone will require a sustain pedal that gives off a noise produced by the guitar as it vibrates after string action has stopped; this is to emulate the natural resonance of an acoustic guitar. Stompbox or effect pedals are also needed to give off an acoustic sound from your electric guitar.

Steps of Making an Electric Guitar Sound Like an Acoustic Guitar:

Step 1: Set Up your electric guitar and amp using the same settings to get an identical acoustic tone as an acoustic guitar.

Step 2: Select the desired acoustic strings on the electric guitar.

Step 3: Use the sustain effect pedal to create a sound like that of an acoustic. Turn it up high, and keep it on until you drop out of tune.

Step 4: Once you are done and your guitar is in tune, you can turn the sustain pedal off, and your electric guitar will suddenly sound like an acoustic. 


  1. When using a sustain pedal on an acoustic-style guitar, set the volume of your amp to match that of an electric guitar. You will need a sound change in each step, so do not turn down the volume until you are done with the last step. 
  2. Use a string gauge that is normally used for semi-acoustic guitars. The heavier strings will give you a closer sound to an acoustic guitar.
  3. When setting up your guitar, make sure the neck is straight, and the action is high; this will allow for a more precise pitch.
  4. You can also use a pickup or microphone to amplify your guitar. 

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Making an electric guitar sound like an acoustic is easier than it may seem. The fact that you have the same equipment as that of an acoustic and you are manipulating the strings on your electric guitar allows you to play a more traditional style of music. Making an electric guitar sound like an acoustic guitar is just going back to the basics, which makes it simple.