Acoustic Guitars

It is a stringed instrument that comes with six strings and a long neck. This classical guitar also comes with a hollow body made of wood which usually produces sound when the strings are plucked or strummed. They are mainly used to play folk, country and blues music. These guitars do not come with amplifiers independently.

Different Types of Acoustic Guitars

Dreadnought guitar is the most widely used guitar available on the market. These guitars come with a big-sounding body, large sound projection and excellent bass response.

These are medium-sized concert-style guitars that offer a balance between dreadnoughts and travel guitars. This type of guitar is prevalent for all kinds of music, ranging from conventional blues, jazz and rock.

Jumbo guitars are enormous, and therefore, they are not held easily. These guitars have a deep bass response.

Mini guitars are the smallest of all acoustic guitars. Their body is similar to electric guitars, but they have a sound projection similar to dreadnoughts. They are, however, much lighter in weight and more accessible to carry due to their small body size. They also come with built-in amplification systems.

These guitars have a traditional look and sound and come with nylon strings that offer excellent string response compared to steel strings found in other types of guitars.

These are the smallest of acoustic guitars. They come with a bit small body but offer a full, warm tone and excellent bass response.

Acoustic Guitar Sizes

A 12th fret size guitar has a standard 12 frets on the neck and usually has a round sound hole at the top, making it easier for beginners to play on. Twelve frets also make it easier to play since they can strum faster and with ease. However, some people prefer not using all 12 frets on their guitars as it would look better if they do not use all twelve frets instead of just using some of them being wide open.

A 15th fret size guitar is probably the best choice for a beginner. It is the most popular because it has an open neck which makes it user-friendly. Due to this, lead guitarists prefer this size. We recommend a 15 fret size for beginners because it is easier to play than other guitars’ measures.

A 20th fret guitar has only four strings and can be used by anyone to play a 12-string guitar or a 6-string guitar. They are often used by people who wish to learn how to play a 12-string guitar.

A 22nd fret guitar contains only two strings, allowing musicians to play faster with its wider neck. A good choice for players who are newcomers to the music industry. If you need a new acoustic guitar, we suggest that you purchase a small one instead of looking at full-sized instruments. 

People with perfect pitch only use a 25th fret guitar to play without using their fingers. These guitars are more expensive than most other sizes, including 15, 16 and 20 fret guitars.

Suitable Size for an Acoustic Guitar

In most cases, you should choose a size according to your personal preference. This is because different people have different preferences when it comes to the type of guitar they want. However, for most people, a 15th fret is the best suitable size for an acoustic guitar because this type of guitar has a strong output and entails fullness due to its wide string pattern. For players who want a large pattern, the 12-string guitar is highly recommended.

Top Brands for Acoustic Guitars According to Size

1. Yamaha

Yamaha guitars are well known due to their excellent structure and design. They are renowned for their hardwood material which offers an optimal sound response and long-lasting durability. They also come in different sizes, for example, 17th fret size, 25th fret size and 12th fret size.

2.  Martin

They come in 16th fret and 20th fret models, and they last longer due to the quality of wood used in making them. It is also an excellent choice for beginners and professionals.

3. Taylor

Their size varies from 12 frets to 22 frets and they offer a wide variety in both custom and standard sizes. They come with low and high action and different inlays or inlay styles, for example, inlaid scratches, pearl inlays, abalone inlay, etc. They also come with a headstock shape that has a distinctive look when viewed from the side.

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With the help of our guide, you can now choose the appropriate size of your acoustic guitars. The size you need for your acoustic guitar is unique and comes down to what type of music you like to play. So next time when you are on the market to buy a new acoustic guitar, make sure that you take your time when measuring its size to get the best suitable size for yourself. It is also essential that you choose the correct size of your guitar as it will be safer and sound better while playing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the size of a full-size acoustic guitar?
A. A full-size acoustic guitar will vary from one size to another. Depending on the brand, and the company you choose, a full-size acoustic guitar lies between 24 and 25 inches in length, measured from the head of the guitar to its base or bottom. A full-sized acoustic guitar will also have a body length of about 17 inches, starting from its end to the other end of the body.

Q. What is an ideal body size for an acoustic guitar?
A. The most popular body size for a full-sized acoustic is around 20 ½ inches, equivalent to the top half of a man’s forearms.

Q. Name some top brands for Acoustic Guitars?
A. There are many different brands of acoustic guitars available today. Martin, Taylor, Takamine, Fender, Breedlove, Carvin and others.

Q. What is the size of a travel guitar?
A. Travel guitars come in different sizes and shapes. On average, travel guitars come in 7 and 8 string sizes. Travel guitars also have smaller frets which makes playing them much easier for beginners and children.